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Watch and learn! Our Member Services team explains health insurance terms and costs, how to use your health care benefits wisely, how to choose health care providers who are compatible with your health insurance and more in these short health insurance videos.

BridgeSpan Health: What we're all about

BridgeSpan is out to change the way you experience health insurance. Watch this video to learn what we're all about.

What is a copay?

Do you understand what a copay is? Watch this short video for the definition of a copay and when it applies.

What is a deductible?

Learn what a health insurance deductible is and how it applies to your health care costs.

What is coinsurance?

Learn what coinsurance is and understand how it relates to the total bill of a health care cost.

Emergency room vs. urgent care costs

Watch this short video to find out why visiting the emergency room will cost you more than visiting an urgent care center. Learn more >

What is an out-of-pocket expense?

Watch this short video for an explanation of what an out-of-pocket expense is.

Brand-name and generic drugs

Do you know what brand-name drugs and generic drugs have in common? Watch this short video to find out.

The provider network & your pocketbook

Find out if your health care provider is part of your health insurance network—and how that saves you money.

What if I'm referred out of network?

Don't assume that a referral is in your network. Find out if your referral is part of your health insurance network.

Know your health insurance benefits

Learn how to feel confident and make smart choices when using your health insurance benefits.

HSA: A financial safety net

A BridgeSpan health savings account helps provide a health financial safety net for the future.

HSA: A tax-saving vehicle

A health savings account can help you save on taxes and for retirement.