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Did you know that the cost of medical tests and treatments can vary by hundreds, or even thousands of dollars depending on where you go?

As a member with medical coverage, you can use the cost estimator to compare prices of hospital stays, MRIs, surgeries, X-rays and more. The cost estimator gives you estimates based on your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

Use the Cost Estimator to:

  • Get your estimated out-of-pocket expenses for common medical conditions, surgeries, tests and exams
  • Search providers in your network so you get the best coverage
  • Compare cost and quality between treatment options, facilities and providers

The cost estimator can also help you understand what to expect during your treatment, so you can talk with your doctor about your best treatment options.

  • See how much time it takes for a procedure and recovery
  • Select the best place of service for you
  • Identify ways to save money
  • Discover questions to ask your doctor about your treatment plan

Note: This tool is designed to provide you with estimates of costs for certain common procedures, from providers and facilities on which we have data to provide average cost estimates. Your actual costs may differ.

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Note: You need to have active medical coverage to use this tool.